Happy Holi

Holi – The festival of COLORS –The festival of Joy – The Festival of Fun & Frolic – The festival of Togetherness – The festival of Love. It is the festival that brings people together and creates such bonds which are not only difficult but rather impossible to break or forget. It is mainly celebrated in Northern part of India, Nepal and other parts of the world with significant population of Indian origin.

Mythological - The festival is known as Holi, owing to the legend of ‘Holika’. In Vaishnava theology, Hiranyakashipu was the king of demons, and had received the boon of immortality from Lord Brahma. As his power and arrogance grew, he began objecting to people’s belief in the divine power and demanded that they worship him instead. Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahlad was a strong devotee of Lord Vishnu which the king did not appreciate and tried all possible ways to destroy his son’s beliefs. When he could not succeed after all means as a last resort the king ordered his sister Holika to sit on a pyre with the young Prahlad. Holika was blessed with a shawl, which would prevent the fire from harming her. Prahlad happily followed his father’s orders and as he had undoubted faith that the lord will save him. Lord Vishnu saved Prahlad and Holika was burnt to death. From that day on, the burning of Holika is an important part of Holi celebrations, which commemorated the end of evil.

There also other stories marking the origin for this festival of Lord Krishna playing Radha at the banks of river Yamuna with water and colors depicting their eternal love etc.

Holi celebrations start with a Holika Dahan (bonfire) on the night before holi were people gather around the bonfire and sing and dance. The next morning brings the carnival of colors with everyone trying to paint everyone else with different colors. People apply dry colored powder on each other’s faces and cloths or throw colored water at each other with water guns etc. It brings people together forgetting all their difference and hugging each other to revive any aching relationships. The festival of Holi is as amazing as the bright colors themselves.

To sprinkle the happiness, joy, fun & frolic of this colorful festival we at Westwood had the pleasure to celebrate HOLI the most colorful festival of India with all our guests.

Our day started with wishing all our guests Happy Holi by sending wishing cards to all their rooms. The rest of the day was filled with many exciting and amazing activities such as Slogan writing on Holi, Playing with colors, sack race, family entertainment, Dance DJ and other games.

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